Pserra Racing now provides blueprinting, rebuilding and dyno tests for engines. You send us your engine in working order with your information. Our price included bearings, gaskets, rings, special spark plugs, and true and straighten crank. We will also install new clutch springs and jet the carb to set it up ready to win races.

These engines are tested and spec prepared per WKA rules before they leave our shop. However, we are not responsible if engines fail post-technical inspection as we have no control after they leave our premises. Engines performance stock is 1.8 HP and 11000 RPM max.

Pserra Racing has been building 2-stroke engines for 20 years. Your new Pserra Comer engine will be broken in on our in-house dyno, tested with a report and sent back to you with about 2.5 HP and about 12000 RPM.

Engine Cost: $629.00

Blueprint and Dyno Tuning: $399.00

Engine with Blueprint and Dyno Tuning: $1029.00

Turn around time is approx. three to four business days. Please call 416.989.0351 with any further questions.